Puffed Rice Crispies

PUFFED RICE CRISPIES - Natural, healthy, tasty and long shelf life products
Keeping in mind the eating habits of health-conscious consumers that also meet the current trends and market demands.
Made from 100% Hungarian-grown, GMO-free rice.

Available types:
* Natural
* Lightly salted
* Green spicy
The products are gluten and additive-free, suitable for people having gluten sensitivity or diabetes.

Benefits of the products:
* Ready to eat, no need to be refrigerated, so can be taken easily anywhere.
* Rate of rice: brown rice 80% and white rice 20%.
* A source of fibre that helps digestion. cleanses the intestines and has a detoxifying effect.

* Natural: husked rice (100%)
* Lightly salted: husked rice (99,1%). salt (0,9%)
* Green spicy: husked rice (98,6%), green spices (1,4%) {basil, oregano, rosemary, tarragon}

How to use: Can be consumed as these are or with different toppings. Eat for breakfast with jam, butter, hazelnut spread or chestnut spread. Enjoy them in the evening with a piece of cheese or smoked salmon!

Storage: In dry, cool place.
Best before: 365 days

Net weight: 100 g (13 slices/pack).

Logistic details: 24 packs/carton, 48 cartons/pallet = 1.152 packs

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