Mustard Seed Flour


Mustard seed flour is also well known in Anglo-Saxon markets as mustard powder.
It is produced by pressing the oil from the mustard seed and then milling the press residue. It is a rich source of protein and boasts a diverse amino-acid content.
Mustard seed flour is rich in minerals and fibres, suits to the gluten-free diet.

It is ideal for flavouring salad dressings, curing meats and also for preparing home made mustard.
You can use it for breading meats as well, imparting a unique, pleasant tast to the entire meal.
If you are making home-made noodles, consider also adding some mustard seed flour to the dough.
Mustard seed flour is great for use in marinades, making it a better alternative to regular mustard, whose high acidity tends to harden meat.

Available sizes: 250 g, 500 g or in bulk

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