Hazelnut Flour


We produce hazelnut flour by miling the pellet which remains from the pressing of the nuts.
It has got a considerable vitamin E and fiber content. Due to its low carbohydrate and high protein content it is compatible with the paleo and low-carb and gluten-free diets.
You can use it as a base-flour or as an additive for decreasing the carbohydrate content of your food while giving it a slight hazelnut flavour. You can also replace the bread crumbs with it in fillings and in special-tasting meatballs. It is also delicious in cakes, pies, cookies and crepes.
This Hazelnut Flour has won a one-star award at the 2021 Great Taste awards, which is the most famous food tasting contest in the world based on blind testing.

Available size: 250 g, 500 g or in bulk

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