Chickpea Pasta


Why chickpea pasta is a good choice?

It is one of the best alternatives if Your target is for example to lose weight. It is healthy and full of fibre. Gluten-free dieters alco can include it in their diet.

Advantages over pasta made with white wheat flour:

- low in calories
- higher protein content
- higher vitamin content.

Ingredients: chickpea flour, gold linseed flour, konjac flour, water.

Important to know about the product:

   * Gluten-free
   * Vegan
   * GMO free
   * NO preservatives, NO additives
   * Egg-free
   * Soy-free
   * Low carb
   * Rich in dietary fiber
   * Excellent source of vegetable protein

Available in different shapes.
Shelf life: 540 days
Size: 250 g
Logistic details: 12 pcs./carton, 80 cartons/pallet = 960 pcs.

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