Attila Hot Chili Sauce


We're proud to introduce the hottest Hungarian chili sauce: ATTILA.
It had been won in the competition in Lousisina/USA in 2015 "THE WORLD'S HOTTEST CHILI SAUCE" award!
It's not simply very hot, but tasty!!!

The hotness of the used as raw material chili paprika types can be measured by the Scoville (SHU) scale. If we grow the Dorset Naga and the Ghost chili types under appropriate conditions, they can reach 1 million SHU or more. We have to respect them and treat with care!

The product is made from carefully treated, planted, grown by Hungarian farmer, the sauce is home-made style.
Ingredients: Dorset Naga, Ghost chili, spices, sodium benzoate. Doesn't include flavour or texture enhancer, colourings.
Size: 100 ml
Small serial product, so the available quantity: max. 1-2 cartons.
Logistic details: 44 pieces/box.

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